Karen Pullen

 Chairwoman of the OBCT Committee 

Karen is a skilled electrician, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 353 Member (since 1990) and Business Representative.

She is an advocate for women in the trades as the Chair of the IBEW Local 353 Women's Committee. Karen is also the Chair of OBCT and their representative on the Executive Board of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario.

As a champion of women in trades, she speaks about the Electrical trade at many schools across the GTA.

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Kayla Bailey

 Project Manager of the OBCT Committee 

Kayla Bailey is a Journeyperson Steamfitter, a Gasfitter, and a Welder with U.A. Local 46 Toronto. She is a proud and vocal trade unionist who has served many roles within her local union - such as elected shop steward, youth committee chairwoman, and convention delegate.


When she’s not working Kayla enjoys making art, exploring new music, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends. 

Kayla can be reached at kayla@obctradeswomen.com

Leadership Board

UBC copy.png

Rebecca McDonald

UBC Local 93 Carpenter


Gillian Olohan

IBEW Local 353 Electrician


Nicole Lavoie

IBB Local 128 Boilermaker

Union - IW (Ironworker).jpeg

Penny Estey

IW Local 70 Ironworker


Samara Sampson

SMWIA/SMART Local 285 Sheet Metal Worker


Tammy Chetkowski

SMART/SMWIA Local 30 Sheet Metal Worker


Jessica Gemmell

IBEW Local 804 Electrcian 

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Desiree Smith

UBC Local 27 Carpenter


Natasha Caparelli

SMWIA/SMART Local 30 Sheet Metal Worker

Union - IW (Ironworker).jpeg

Keira Liberte

IW Local 736 Ironworker