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Concrete Pump Operator

Concrete Pump Operator

Concrete Pump Operator

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A Concrete Pump Operator inspects, prepares, operates, controls, and cleans various concrete pumps including those found in vechicles and their various related attachments/ components. Concrete pumps may be truck mounted, stationary, trailer-mounted as well as tower concrete placing booms. Specifically, a Concrete Pump Operator:

  • co-ordinates the placement of concrete through a pump at the work site

  • operates the vehicle and loads and unloads concrete pumps and attachments

  • sets up the concrete pumps and components and concrete delivery system, operates high pressure pumps and separate placing booms

  • performs pre-operational inspections, safety and operational checks and preventative maintenance

  • operates concrete pumps and related components

  • monitors equipment performance and the movement of the concrete to the pour location

  • resolves issues related to the movement of pumpable concrete

  • maintains the equipment, cleans concrete pumps and components

  • reads and interprets government legislation, site plans and manufacturers’ manuals (i.e. survey indicators)

  • communicates through various techniques including hand signals

Concrete Pump Operator
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