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Mentorship Program

Are you the only woman on your job site? Are you new to the trades? Would you like to talk to someone about what you’ve experienced now, or in the past working as a tradeswoman? Would you like to speak to someone about their experience working in the trades to get an insider's perspective before making the leap?
Sign up for the OBCT Mentorship program!


Why become a Mentee?

Learn more about what’s involved in working in the trades from someone with more experience.
Become an OBCT Mentee!

  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction

  • Improve your sense of community within the trades

  • Expand your knowledge and skills

  • Advance your career

  • Gain practical advice and support from a more experienced person

  • Learn from the experiences of others

  • Build your professional network

  • Connect with other women in the trades who can help navigate challenges

To become an OBCT Mentee please fill out the form below


Are you already working in the trades and interested in making a difference in the lives of other women in trades? Are you a good listener who would like to help others learn from your experiences? Become an OBCT Mentor!

  • Improve your communication and personal skills

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Help other women grow professionally

  • Learn from the mentee

  • Build new relationships and expand your network

  • Help your mentee clarify their career goals

  • Help other women navigate the waters of working in the trades

  • Pass on your knowledge to a new generation of women in trades

  • Enhance your resume

To become an OBCT Mentor please fill out the form below


Why become a Mentor?

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