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Speakers’ Bureau

Welcome to the OBCT Speakers’ Bureau, where you can find inspiring tradeswomen who would love to share their stories, insights, and experiences of working in the trades at your event!


The OBCT Speakers’ Bureau features talented and diverse tradeswomen across a variety of skilled trades. These women bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your event as powerful speakers and uplifting voices for the industry.


To book a tradeswoman for your event, click the “Connect with me” button to directly connect with them.

Disclaimer: In our experience, there is a strong interest in having tradeswomen speak at events, and schools. At OBCT, when Tradeswomen share their time, experience and expertise, it is important that they are compensated through covering lost wages or an honorarium. Tradeswomen will have varying wage packages, dependent on their trade and level of apprenticeship or certification. It is our hope that you will be able to cover the associated costs through an honorarium. If you need assistance, please contact OBCT directly.

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