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Operating Engineer

Operating Engineer

Heavy Equipment Operators - Dozer

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A Heavy Equipment Operator — Dozer operates a dozer, its attachments and ground engaging equipment in various types of projects across multiple industries such as road construction and maintenance, mining, quarrying, land clearing, forestry, logging as well as gas and oil. The dozer operator inspects, maintains, transports and operates this equipment and attachments. Specifically, a Heavy Equipment Operator — Dozer:

  • performs pre-operational inspections, safety and operational checks and preventative maintenance

  • monitors equipment performance, loads and unloads and transports, cleans, oils and refills equipment

  • reads and interprets government legislation, site plans and manufacturers’ manuals (i.e. survey indicators)

  • installs, operates and removes attachments (i.e. quick attach, blades, buckets, rippers, towable scrapers and winches)

  • performs operations such as excavating, grading, ramp building, stockpiling, backfilling and towing ensuring maximum productivity

  • checks grades, performs cut and fill operations, maintains winter roads, moving mass materials, stripping surface materials, create slopes and ditches, spreads materials, pushes scrapers, backfills trenches and excavations, maintains dumpsite area, levels surfaces and clears land

  • communicates through various techniques including hand signals

Operating Engineer
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