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Hoisting Engineer

Hoisting Engineer

Hoisting Engineer — Mobile Crane Operator 1

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A Hoisting Engineer — Mobile Crane Operator 1 maintains and operates conventional lattice and telescopic boom mobile cranes that can lift, move, position and place materials and equipment weighing more than 16,000 pounds, such as concrete, steel, gravel and other construction supplies and machinery at construction and industrial sites, ports, factories, warehouses, dockyards or rail yards. Specifically, a Hoisting Engineer — Mobile Crane Operator 1:

  • performs pre‐operational inspections

  • prepares and transports cranes

  • assembles and dismantles cranes

  • plans crane ‘lifts’ including calculating crane capacity and determining load weights

  • sets up, positions and stabilizes the crane before the ‘lift’

  • performs various rigging procedures

Hoisting Engineer
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