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Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

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A Metal Fabricator (Fitter) builds, assembles and repairs products made of ferrous and non ferrous metals for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and construction industries. Specifically, a Metal Fabricator (Fitter):

  • reads and interprets engineered drawings, sketches, codes and standards

  • plans the sequence of tasks and executes fabrication safely and efficiently

  • performs calculations and applies shop formulas by using mathematical methods to develop patterns

  • completes the task of measuring, marking and laying out a variety of plate and structural shapes

  • sets up and operates trade specific machinery to cut and form parts to be assembled

  • assembles and fits parts to form sub-assemblies or complete units used in the manufacturing process

  • connects components using various welding processes and mechanical fasteners

  • utilizes material handling, rigging, hoisting and lifting equipment safely

  • performs job duties safely and with precision ensuring compliance with drawings and applicable codes and standards

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)
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