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2023 #IWD Poster Exhibit

The Ontario Building and Construction Tradeswomen, Mohawk College Graphic Design Students, and the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre partnered together to create 24 individual skilled trades posters featuring Ontario tradeswomen for International Women's Day 2023. 

Students were connected Tradeswomen throughout the province of Ontario, and through this collaboration of story, art, and experience, this poster series was created. 

The Final posters were displayed at the Worker's Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton, Ontario titled,

"In our Hands"


 This collaboration was a massive success and the OBCT would like to thank everyone who were able to make this surreal experience happen. 

Amanda Borba by Monika Westenfelder

Amanda Borba
by Monika Westenfelder

Amandeep Sallan by Alison Malley

Amandeep Sallan
by Alison Malley

Brandi Ferenc by Brenton Woodcarter

Brandi Ferenc
by Brenton Woodcarter

​Courtney Axford by Aaron MaClean

Courtney Axford
by Aaron MaClean

​Emma MacDougall By Brianna Landrean

Emma MacDougall
By Brianna Landrean

​Jennifer Green by Stephanie Fantin

Jennifer Green
by Stephanie Fantin

​Jessica Duquette by Rachel Thickens

Jessica Duquette
by Rachel Thickens

​Julia Rose by Julia Ferreira

Julia Rose
by Julia Ferreira

​Kaitlyn Pressley by Katie Shore

Kaitlyn Pressley
by Katie Shore

​Kendra Liinamaa by Josh Peterson

Kendra Liinamaa
by Josh Peterson

​Kianka Akinyode by Juanita Rodriguez

Kianka Akinyode
by Juanita Rodriguez

​Kristi Slade ​by Ava Boccia

Kristi Slade
by Ava Boccia

​Maddie Parkin by Alison Torres

Maddie Parkin
by Alison Torres

​Martine Sevigny Lamont By Linda Le

Martine Sevigny Lamont
By Linda Le

​Natasha Caparelli by Aleah-Lynn Bautista

Natasha Caparelli
by Aleah-Lynn Bautista

​Nicole Lavoie by My Hanh Mai

Nicole Lavoie
by My Hanh Mai

​Penny Estey by Brenna DeFreitas

Penny Estey
by Brenna DeFreitas

​Rebecca McDonald by Cassandra Bomberry

Rebecca McDonald
by Cassandra Bomberry

​Rokhaya Gueye by Jessica Dodson

Rokhaya Gueye
by Jessica Dodson

​Samara Sampson ​by Haley Lacey

Samara Sampson
by Haley Lacey

​Tammy Chetkowski by Corey Parker

Tammy Chetkowski
by Corey Parker

​Temitope Oluyemi by Andleeb Bahatti

Temitope Oluyemi
by Andleeb Bahatti

​Tessa Ferzli by Lorisa Guppy

Tessa Ferzli
by Lorisa Guppy

​Winnie Joseph by Pumin Qin

Winnie Joseph
by Pumin Qin

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