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Vicky Saygnasith

Carpentry Apprentice, MAC Committee Member, SIBS Committee Member, & Local 27 Equity Committee Member
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Vicky Saygnasith

Carpentry Apprentice, MAC Committee Member, SIBS Committee Member, & Local 27 Equity Committee Member

Vicky is a second year Carpentry apprentice and a proud member of Carpenters Local 27, based in the GTA and surrounding areas. She is also part of the SIBS Commitee, MAC Committee, and the Equity Committee for Local 27.

Born in a refugee camp located in Sikhieu, Thailand, Vicky was 3 months old when she immigrated to Canada with her parents. She was taught from a young age that hard work and money go hand in hand. Vicky believes the trades are the perfect place for both! As a mother of 4 children, providing for her family is Vicky's main goal in life and the construction trades have given her the ability to do just that.

Vicky's stories of hardship and success will inspire a sense of hope in all women interested in the skilled trades. While acknowledging physical and mental setbacks that can arise, Vicky believes in learning from every failure and moving forward because consistency is the ultimate key to success. Today, obstacles excite Vicky as they represent an opportunity to learn something new.

Vicky hopes, as a result of sharing her experiences, that more women will take a leap of faith into the crazy male-dominated world of the trades and see firsthand how rewarding it can be!

Vicky Saygnasith

Speaking Topics

  • Being an Asian woman in the trades

  • Overcoming a background with many obstacles

  • Being a working tradeswoman while mothering 4 children, 1 of which has disabilities

  • Gathering the strength to leave a toxic relationship

  • Witnessing drug abuse and its horrors

  • Starting a carpentry career in her 40s


Local 27 Carpenters Union

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Disclaimer: In our experience, there is a strong interest in having tradeswomen speak at events and schools. At OBCT, when tradeswomen share their time, experience and expertise, it is important that they are compensated through covering lost wages or an honorarium. Tradeswomen will have varying wage packages, dependent on their trade and level of apprenticeship or certification.  It is our hope that you will be able to cover the associated costs through an honorarium. If you need assistance, please contact OBCT directly.

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