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Keira Liberte

Red Seal Journeyman Ironworker
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Keira Liberte

Red Seal Journeyman Ironworker

Keira is a Journeyman Ironworker with Local 736 in Hamilton, Ontario. Originally from Hagersville, ON, Keira is passionate about advocating for women in the trades and creating equitable workplaces in construction. Keira is a founding member of the Ontario Building and Construction Tradeswomen Committee and sits as Chair of the Ironworkers Women’s Committee.

Keira began her professional life with standardbred race horses. Working her way up this male-dominated industry, the physical and competitive work environment enabled her to earn a good living, adapt to difficult situations, and rise above the critics.

Looking long-term, Keira decided to return to school for welding. When the opportunity to become an ironworker came up, she jumped at it! As a sister in the trade, Keira embraced the strength of the union mentality. Working under a union, she found that women had better opportunities to receive the same treatment and pay as their male counterparts.

Today, Keira still spends her free time with her horses and regularly volunteers to speak to youth and women across the construction industry. Keira has helped bring “Be That One Guy” training to Canada, a US Ironworkers program which helps people learn how to defuse hostile situations and gain the confidence to respond to harassment.

Keira Liberte

Speaking Topics

  • Adapting organizational mindsets to accommodate underrepresented groups

  • The necessity of accommodating minorities for growth and sustainability

  • Her journey into the trades

  • The role unions played in her decision to venture into the trades

  • Day to day life of a tradesperson

  • Being a woman in the trades


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