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Investigating the Challenges Canadian Women Face Regarding Work Mandated PPE.

The CSA Group, an organization CLC works closely with on developing occupational health and safety standards, is conducting a research project entitled “Investigating the Challenges

Canadian Women Face Regarding Work Mandated PPE.” As part of that research, the CSA is

conducting a direct survey of women workers to better understand how personal protective

equipment (PPE) is suited to, and whether it is meeting the needs of, Canadian women.

This is a confidential online survey (all responses will remain confidential – any reporting or

references to survey results will be presented in aggregate form only). The survey should take approximately 12 minutes to complete. An independent research firm is managing survey responses to ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality.

A specific link has been created for CLC affiliated participants and is provided below. Please feel free to share it widely within your networks. The survey is available in both English and French, with the language selection option in the top right corner of the survey. CLC Survey Link:

Download PDF • 237KB

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